Gumoa combines a large pool of highly skilled Quality Assurance specialists with a wide range of tools and methodologies to provide a wide range of Quality Assurance services to meet the needs of rapid innovation.


Consulting Services

It begins with a consulting phase, wherein we concentrate on the client's needs and challenges. Today's fast-paced enterprise approach of Test Automation and Performance Testing is mandatory. Whatever software program you're adopting, building or taking to market, we're prepared to help you chart the exceptional route for the adventure for your goals

Dedicated Resources

We dedicate a team of QA to our clients. The QA then learns more about the projects that have been integrated into the corporate culture and adopted.


Research & Development costs

It takes time to research and keep up with the latest testing techniques, tools, and methods. We continue to invest in research and development and its value is returned to our customers.

Goal-based project management

At every stage of a project, it's important to make sure that actions are on track toward the goal. We give our QA’s a custom support structure to walk the road.


Reduce recruitment, education and training costs

Even companies with unique testing capabilities face challenges in adopting the testing skills they need. Hiring itself may be difficult. Hiring and training your staff to work on a particular project can be costly

Agree the required services

We offer all kinds of managed testing services, from security testing to automation, performance and manual testing capabilities, and customize the service to meet the specific needs of our clients

We have a very comprehensive Business continuity and disaster recovery plan (BCMS22301)to deal with any eventuality that may occur. Gumoa forms an integral part of provision of account support services

Continuous monitoring for criminal records - Get notified of any reportable changes to employee criminal records with Continuous Criminal monitoring.

International background screens - check for criminal history abroad, search global watchlists, and confirm education and work history.